About Crave4all: There are many reasons why I think blogging is important and I find myself finding different reasons to blog as I change and times change Right now we are living in some very trying times and through the rat race of mainstream media and social media, things can become very confusing. Because of the times we are living in now, I find that the truth needs to be told so I have been blogging about the social unrest of today. Not the spin that mainstream media puts on it but from a different perspective called alternative media. Not to say that alternative is perfect either but at least it is not controlled by the government to which most of the unrest in the world lies. Its time that people wake up to the truth and the only way that is going to happen is by people coming together and exposing the lies of the corporate media. I am trying to do my part in web sites that I build and blogs that I write in hopes to makes even a little difference and the more who do this I feel can make a big difference and change some of the tyranny that we are having to face today and get back to the constitution which was written by the people and for the people not just for the corporate elite.